Established in 2015, based in Seattle – Kind Across works with recreational cannabis producers and processors to advocate for responsible and sustainable consumer demand throughout the state of Washington. We recognize the extent to which producers and processors go to cultivate such diverse strains and excellent product in this quickly growing industry while minimizing its impact on the environment.

This remarkable variety in aroma, color, texture, and vividly different experiences, has raised a culture of connoisseurs to astounding heights. The massive sales along with the up and coming, tightly regulated cannabis market, underscore the rising demand for a standard of quality and transparency, which will only be satisfied by those growers which show the discipline and accountability that has gotten us this far.

Thank you for supporting Kind Across as we strive to establish a culture of transparency and passion between cultivators of the finest quality cannabis product and the market’s most demanding consumers.

Contact us to share your thoughts, or learn how to get involved. At Kind Across, we have an immense appreciation for all members of the cannabis community and believe that meaningful change is accomplished when we work together in this growing industry.